Godoit has a completely different approach from that of other agencies specialized in elite cycling tourism. Each Must Experience has been designed to guide our clients to experience Made in Italy with the highest possible level of comfort and luxury in a sustainable way. In other words, it means anywhere in Italy: every city, every town, every landscape, every region has features which inspired and moulded centuries of “Italic genius”.

Our project is therefore strongly linked to our territory and its natural beginning could have only been from Milan and the Lombardy region, which have been the main exporters of Italianness around the world in the last couple of decades: fashion, design, Michelin star restaurants, entertainment, culture, Expo. Even more so this year, with the 500th anniversary of the death of Maestro Leonardo da Vinci. Lombardy is also known for George Clooney’s retreat on Lake Como, wines from the Franciacorta area and red wines from Valtellina, master lutists of Cremona, Lake Garda and the Vittoriale estate, the legendary Stelvio Pass and Gavia Pass, the historic homes of Varese, Palazzo Te in Mantova, the ancient roman city of Brescia (known as the Lioness of Italy), the mythical Monza racing track that contributed to creating the legend of Ferrari.

Godoit: born in Italy, starting from Milan and Lombardy and soon to reach every Italian region.

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