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Cycling is one of the newest frontiers in the field of team building and corporate leadership, so it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs and top managers have become passionate about cycling challenging themselves in order to reach their mental limit.

GODOIT has designed the format called “Team Building Track” , to allow companies to keep alive team work, collaboration and healthy competition among managers and employees.

Thought for a suggested minimum of 40 people and a maximum of 200 ones, the participants, once informed about the game rules and the main strategic aspects, will be divided into teams competing with each other through a series of activities and equipped with road bicycles with city pedals within Lainate (MI) professional Track “La Pista”, completely closed to traffic and to the public.

The goal is transfering to all participants the tactical and strategic similarities between road cycling and firms.

An example? The launch of a new product on the market can be compared to the attack of the team leader to win the stage race: it means studying the itinerary and the most propitious moment to launch the attack (the market and its demand / offer conditions) and, again, analyze other leaders and each teams with their features (competitors, market positioning, etc.).

In addition to the outdoor moment, there’s also a more institutional indoor phase to consolidate both values and topics of the day thanks to the speech and following final debate with representatives of professional cycling.

Team buildings are organized according maximum safety policy and respecting both rules and restrictions related to the Covid19 emergency:  activities take place mainly outdoors in large spaces that allow the social distance respecting, from Spring to Autumn.


Bicycle is a real strong aggregator, the fast spread of e-bicycles has exponentially increased its practitioners erasing the barrier of training and hours spent on the saddle. Now it’s as easy as kicking the ball, who has never rode a bike?

All Godoit proposals can be adapted to the companies needs interested to offer something new to their employees and stakeholders. Godoit also customizes weekends spending just one night, alternating business session with more playful and experiential leisure moments, beginning from the group bike tours inside the wonderful territories of Lombardia.

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