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The success of Made In Italy worldwide is well established and still upholds our country’s reputation in spite of everything: Italian companies operating in the fields of luxury goods, fashion and design have exported Italian style and taste all around the world and have always been considered a benchmark for creativity and productive excellence.

This excellence is deeply rooted in our millenary history. Imperial Rome and its socio-political structure left a permanent mark in the history of humanity; Renaissance Italy gave us an unprecedented humanistic and artistic heritage which is still admired every year by millions of visitors from all over the world. Not to mention the variety of landscapes that span across the country, from the Dolomites to the Alps, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian sea.

Godoit’s aim is to introduce its clients to the essence of the millenary roots on which successful Italian lifestyle and Made-in-Italy products are based, and allow them to experience it and be moved by it through the lens of the bicycle.

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