• What’s included in the price of the package?

The Godoit Experience package includes basically everything, from when you’ll be picked up to when you’ll be dropped off at the airport by our staff. Any purchase you make during the Godoit Experience will obviously be at your expense: we invite you to consult the “What’s included” section on our website what’s included for more information.

  • What happens if I can’t participate in the trip I booked?

Anything can happen in life, including not being able to leave for your much awaited trip. This is why we suggest you purchase our travel protection insurance policy (link sito sottosezione). Based on the timing of your cancellation in respect of your departure date, we will apply cancellation fees as described in the cancellation policy section you can find at the following link.

  • Can a tour be cancelled? What happens to my deposit payment?

It’s a possibility we hope will never occur. Due to extenuating circumstances or if the minimum number of 3 participant cyclists is not reached, tours may be cancelled with a 30 day notice before departure date. In this case the whole paid price will be reimbursed with a travel credit of the same amount, as described in the “Cancellation policy” section.

  • Can I organize my holiday with my cyclist friends?

Of course! It’s ideal. Remember we accept a maximum of 6 cyclists for each tour. It is however possible to satisfy personalised requests for larger groups, provided we are given sufficient notice and bearing in mind we might need to make changes to activities and budget. N.B. for every cyclist friend you invite, you’ll receive a 3% discount: this means you will have a 15% discount on your Godoit Experience if you invite 5 friends. Go to “Invite a friend” section to learn more.

  • Are there available activities for my children and/or my partner while I pedal?

This is a common issue for many cyclists, who are often torn between cultivating their passion for bicycles while on holiday and dedicating time to their children and family. Godoit Srl has arranged “optional” packages based on the Experiences, which can be added to your booking in order to organize your children’s or your partner’s day during your absence. We invite you to check all available options for Godoit Experiences suitable “for families and friends” and to contact our client service for more information.

  • Can minors take part in the cycling itineraries?

Yes, it would be a great pleasure for us. We only ask you to inform us about the athletic fitness level and personal data of the minor and we remind you he will always need to be accompanied by an adult. Please note some Godoit Experiences may be restricted to minors for safety reasons or other reasons not dependent on our will.

  • Is it possible to use e-bikes?

Certainly. We only ask you to give us notice of at least 45 days before the tour departure. Failure to do so may result in availability issues of pedal-assisted racing bikes.

  • I’m allergic to certain foods, how do I notify it?

Thank you. Your safety and prevention are crucial to ensure a relaxed and fun holiday. Fill in all the necessary details in “Your Profile” section, so we can forward this important information to all our partners. We also invite you to always verify the information has been received when you go out to eat, and that the necessary actions have been taken.

  • Are there any particular limitations to take part to Godoit tours?

Godoit tours are open to all cycling enthusiasts, even with limited experience thanks to the possibility of using pedal-assisted bikes. Each tour has a specific difficulty level, which we invite you to assess before booking. You can find all necessary details in the “Difficulty levels” section of our website.

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies take into account costs sustained by Godoit Srl long before the traveller’s departure, in compliance with Italian and community regulations in the field of consumer right protection. The price for the trip is defined as everything purchased by Godoit Srl as part of the tour, including updates and room for single use supplements. To avoid cancellation and trip amendment costs we strongly advise to consider purchasing travel protection in addition to your booking. Scheduled tours published on the website will be organized for a minimum of three participants: Godoit team reserves the right to cancel a tour up to 30 days before departure in case the minimum number of participants is not reached, refunding the whole amount paid by clients, net of cancellation tax of 200 €.

Cancellation policy with notification before departure with the following timing
Days before departure Up to a 91 or more daysBetween 90 and 61 daysBetween 60 and 31 daysBetween 30 and 0 days
Cancellation fee200 €30% of trip value50% of trip value100% of trip value


  • Can the price for the package change after the booking?

Godoit team does its best to avoid any change to booked tours, particularly concerning costs, so you can rest assured it won’t happen. However, in case external uncontrollable and unexpected reasons should cause price variations, EU regulations limit any price change to a maximum of 8%. We invite you to read the “cancellation policy” section for more information.

  • How can I book a tour?

You can book via our website at the following link, or you can call us on +39.3311760341 for further information and define your booking.

  • What’s the suggested packing for Godoit tours?

Godoit Experiences are trips in the essence of Made in Italy, the bicycle is central to them but not totalizing. So cycling technical attire above all, bearing in mind that a Godoit kit is included in the price of the tour and that you may buy other kits on our e-commerce website. You will also need casual urban clothing and anything else necessary to fully enjoy activities organised by Godoit team. You can find more information on the “Your luggage and suggestions” section.

  • Can I bring my own Specialissima?

Yes, we know every cyclist has a special bond with his own bicycle. We only ask you to notify us when filling in “your Profile”, and we recommend maximum caution when packing and shipping your bike.

  • Do tour guides expect tips from clients?

Our guides are professional figures and are regularly paid by Godoit Srl, so it will be at your own discretion, pleasure and custom to decide if you want to leave a tip at the end of the holiday.

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