GODOIT is the only company specialized in luxury incoming cycling tourism in Italy with environment zero-impact.

We monitor the environmental footprint of activities related to the ordinary and extraordinary management of the company every year: travel by car, airplane, office electricity consumption, other transfers and activities. We also take care of the environmental impact deriving from clients to reach the starting point of our tours, differentiating the valuation between short – medium – long range. At the end, we fully compensate the CO2 emissions prod by supporting  sustainability projects all over the world and adopting certified international standards (

The 2019-2020 start-up phase of the company has generated about 2 TON of CO2, which we’ve have overcompensated by financing 24 trees planting distributed over 8 projects in the world. Click on the following link go get further details about them:

Pay attention, each GODOIT tour is zero impact, thanks to the use of 100% electric vehicles in collaboration with our partners. Where some circumstances don’t allow the use of electric vehicles, the CO2 emissions will be fully compensated and the customer himself will receive evidence of this: he’ll be invited to choose which type of project to support financed from us, in case of any choice GODOIT itself will make it on its behalf.

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