To ensure the best possible service for your cycling holiday you’ll be asked to fill in your profile with information regarding your athletic fitness (which you will have already given when choosing your Godoit experience options), your health and what you desire doing during the time you’ll be spending with our Godoit staff and other cyclers.

During the tour booking procedure you’ll need to accept the terms of the “Godoit code of conduct”, conceived to empower every Godoit experience user. In short:


  • I have knowingly chosen a trip suited to my skills, athletic fitness and health;
  • I’m not affected by any physical impediment, illness or disability that may endanger myself or other participants or that may cause issues to the regular completion of the Godoit experience;
  • My travel documents are complete, valid and suitable to take part to this holiday in Italy;
  • I am up do date and informed about all recommendations and travel suggestions published on Godoit Srl website;
  • I have read and accept the terms of Godoit Srl and its partners’ cancellation policy published on Godoit Srl website
  • I have read and accept the terms of waiver and limitation of liability published on Godoit Srl website, knowing that Godoit Srl team will do everything to ensure my safety
  • I’ll make sure to notify Godoit team about any special request at least 45 days before the trip, for example: special diet requirements, medical requirements, room preferences. I am aware and accept that Godoit and its partners will do everything possible to satisfy my requests although I understand they can’t guarantee they will be satisfied.
  • I will respect laws and customs of the countries I will visit;
  • I will follow guidelines and environmental regulations during my trip, as indicated by the tour guides;
  • I will respect the rights and privacy of other guests;
  • I’ll respect the road code when riding my bicycle and I’ll maintain a responsible conduct following all indications given by Godoit staff in terms of safety;
  • I am aware and I accept the fact that group trips inevitably imply compromising in order to satisfy wishes, objectives and physical conditions of all participants. Godoit guides could also need to improvise in good faith, discretionally making decisions based on group consensus which may not satisfy every single individual;
  • I will not behave in any manner which may cause impediments to the activities planned for the Godoit experience, the efforts and work of Godoit staff, the reputation and image of Godoit Srl and its partners and the participation of other clients in the tour. I accept as of now that Godoit team may exclude me from certain activities or force me to leave the tour before its completion should I be responsible of gross misconduct and /or be affected by serious health issues that may pose impediment to the completion of the Godoit experience;
  • I am aware and accept that taking a less travelled road implies access to medical facilities may be limited;
  • I will be held responsible for any damage to my hotel room and / or facilities, and / or equipment and instrumentation provided by Godoit Srl and its partners;


Signing the code of conduct is absolutely necessary in order to take part to the Godoit experiences: failure to sign implies not being able to complete the Godoit tour booking.

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